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It would be appreciated if you provided images/graphics with your article (with written permission to use if they are not your own original graphics).

Website Background

A little background about this site; feel free to skip this and head on down to the form below if you're not interested. I bought this site about 6-7 years ago and was determined to test my entrepreneurial spirit, and succeed! I would dream about keywords like "passive-income," "Internet Marketing," and "Financial Freedom"... but then financial responsibilities hit, my strategy wasn't well developed (in fact I think Google really disliked my strategy), and I needed to get a "real" job. Fast forward, life has settled down, I have a job that I really enjoy, but I also really enjoy web design/development and internet marketing; right now it's a hobby that I hope evolves into a full-time gig. I enjoy sharing what I have learned on the Internet, hoping that it helps others, and like the idea that my sharing can be monetized into a business... what's not to like about this combination?? There are so many facets to this business (building a website presence)... it's so complicated, and requires strategy; additional factors that get my blood pumping and brain whirling.

I own 20 websites that have been on auto-pilot making a couple dollars a month (all purchased 6-7 years ago). Over the past several months I have been doing my homework, reading up on current SEO strategy and decided adding a blogger contribution feature would be a great add-on. It facilitates mutually beneficial results for both myself and other bloggers looking to build their online presence. Because there are so many peripheral tasks required to work on SEO, while developing new content, in conjunction with the number of sites I own... this just makes sense to me; I can't write quality articles fast enough (and I definitely can't claim expertise in this field), while working on SEO, backlinks, and all the other tasks that go into building my online presence... on my own, especially while trying to maintain a work/life balance. So that brings us to this page, with a little about where the site is at, and where I intend to bring it... while adding value to your online presence.

One final note, to add a "human" element to who I am, which I only add because often in business we overlook the importance of who we are interacting with, and the importance of building relationships in our transaction process; I believe it's an important value. I also want to share my life "progression" and experience to add credibility to this site. I'm a real person with passion and aspirations. I spent 9 years in the military and I have six children (two girls and four boys... the motive behind my desire to earn more money!). I have a BS in Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship, and an MBA with an emphasis in Computer Management Information Systems. I have two failed businesses (property management and e-commerce of liquidated merchandise) under my belt, with websites being the third venture. While it isn't a great "success," it definitely isn't a failure and pays for itself. I spent four years working for a large retail company in accounting and operations management, then transitioned to a completely different industry working for another large company doing forecasting. From forecasting I transitioned to a systems and data analyst role; my current position. I'm a jack of many trades, and an expert at none! Thank you for taking the time to read and I look forward to working with you.

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